Chapter 1 – Into Gulliver

     The half-elf dropped into a crouch as her gaze stayed on the rabbit ahead. She kissed her dagger soundlessly. A flick of her wrist saw the rabbit tumble into the wet grass, the dagger lodged deeply into its side. It tried to get back up but it was winded and Vel was faster. She moved, […]

Work in Progress: Kent Nelson

As I return to writing in 2020, I’ve decided to take a step away from my main series and work on something completely different. And so a new character emerges… You’ll need the following password to access the video: ANicholls2020 Quite unoriginal – I know – but I’ll think of better ones in the future.

Fatal Mistake – Short Fic

My children have decided lately that they enjoy cooking. I quite enjoy the results of their efforts, although my waistline might disagree since they prefer to create the likes of cookies and cupcakes. A few weeks ago, it was Devil’s Cake. And then I remember a prompt I found earlier this year: Write a story […]

Ficlet – Weather Clouds

I fancied a break from work today. And although I’d planned to post something different, I’ve decided to post this little piece instead. I’ve been ghostwriting a sci-fi series and it has sparked a few ideas that had nothing to do with the actual series. Then I saw a prompt come in on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/4e7hg3/wp_it_hasnt_rained_in_30_years_today_however_the/ […]

Sneak Preview – The Morals of Dragons

My children know that they can blackmail me into spinning them a good tale at bedtime. Their weapons of choice: cute smirks, big wide eyes of darkest brown, hazel, and grayish blue, and promises of cuddles and kisses. It works. Then again, it also ends up with me creating a book. I didn’t intend to […]

Short Fic – The Permit

I have had a rotten month. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. Just not posting as I should. Here’s a short fiction I wrote as an answer to a Reddit prompt I stumbled on. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those people in the Writing Prompt community for sparking […]

Pegasus In Flight

Ride along the skies upon my back, And I’ll show you just what the stars dream of at night. Though my name is not part of the zodiac, I’ll take you up to meet that light And let it shine upon the dreamscape Within your mind taking shape. *-*-* I’ve been having some health issues, […]

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