Chapter 1 – Into Gulliver

     The half-elf dropped into a crouch as her gaze stayed on the rabbit ahead. She kissed her dagger soundlessly. A flick of her wrist saw the rabbit tumble into the wet grass, the dagger lodged deeply into its side. It tried to get back up but it was winded and Vel was faster. She moved, […]

Chavey – a D&D world

Now, it should be said that this world is not my brainchild but that of a fellow Dungeon Master who has graciously let me stumble across his lands for the past 5 months or so. If you fancy visiting Chavey, you can ask to join one of his game here:  

Sneak Preview – Bad Blood by Shyla Colt

Today, we’re taking part in a Teaser Tuesday organised by RABT for the upcoming tale by Shyla Colt, Bad Blood. For those of you who want to get to the reading straight away, feel free to skip to the view spoiler link… An interesting premise this one: vampire, knight, witch… Though the tale is advertised […]

Review – Hostile Takeover by Cristelle Comby

There’s ‘hard-to-kill’ and then there’s Bellamy Vale. Vale – whose friends may call him Bell – is a private investigator with a caustic personality and the amazing ability to rub one of the local homicide police lieutenants the wrong way. He’s also got the best of lucks, with a track record for dodging bullets, guns […]

Cover Reveal – Umbra by Christina Bauer

Welcome to the cover reveal for Umbra by Christina Bauer, organised by Xpresso Feel free to scroll down and get straight to the reveal if you want… Giveaway! You heard… Follow this link for your chance to win book swag About the book The premise of the book sounds like a cross between a coming-of-age […]

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