Branding Yourself – it’s more than just your book covers

One of the tenets of marketing is that an average customer needs to see your message at least seven times before they start to remember your product. The chances of a buyer seeing your book cover seven times if they’re not already one of your subscribers are low. But you can boost the odds by […]

3 Good Resource Sites for Aspiring Word Artists

Just as great writing comes in many shapes and forms, becoming a fully-fledged author requires more than just a great book. People think multi-million book deals and glamorous launches. They tend to forget that writing is a business like another. You also have to deal with clients, keep up with the accounts, market your products […]

Author Cards and Marketing Yourself

I’ve received my new author cards today. And I’m quite delighted with them… Branding Yourself – it’s more than just your book covers I’ve developed a kind of ‘author branding’ based on my three favourite colours. If you look carefully enough, you’ll find the same colours repeating across most of my marketing collaterals. It’s not […]

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