NaNo 2020 – Preps

5 days to go and the madness of NaNoWriMo will once again grasp my world. Its grip is already tightening over my mind, with October spent mostly in preparation for the writing marathon I’m about to take part in. New gear tested and optimised for writing on the fly, friends warned away for the coming […]

Work in Progress: Kent Nelson

As I return to writing in 2020, I’ve decided to take a step away from my main series and work on something completely different. And so a new character emerges… You’ll need the following password to access the video: ANicholls2020 Quite unoriginal – I know – but I’ll think of better ones in the future.

Mixing Genres

I started this particular manuscript last November which I’ve named ‘The Red Thief’. And yes, it was my NaNoWriMo 2015 effort. It’s a bit of a challenge to myself, considering I’ve rarely strayed away from epic fantasy, and usually only for short stories rather than full-length works. In fact, I have a short series of […]

Minecraft Building Blocks…

I’ve just received the second proof copy of ‘My First Minecraft Diary’. The book looks finished to me. And my children are delighted with it. I’m now going mining for marketing time. I’ve gathered most of my tools for it. I just need to put them all together and craft something to give my readers. […]

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